Christian Forsberg

Games/Tools Programmer

Welcome To my Portfolio

Particle Editor

In Engine Editor

I created this particle editor after our first 3D project.
It was created as an in engine editor so anyone could create particle systems
and see how they would look in our engine right away.
An as away to be less dependent on Unity.


3D Puzzle

Transfigured was my second 3D game made in our own engine, Igloo.

Transfigured is an atmospheric puzzle game where you control two children, who has gained special abilities after being turned into toys by evil monsters. The game relies heavily on sneaking and solving puzzles, all while controlling the two playable characters.


Rail Shooter

Hyperbest is a 3D rail shooter game.

Dodge and shoot your way through dangerous sonic dimensions on your journey to becoming one with the Hyperbeat.


2D Platformer

Sentinel was my second game written in C++.

Swing your way through 3 different levels and save your lost crew members!


I'm a Danish guy currently living in Malmö, Sweden, where I studie Game Programming at The Game Assembly 

I see myself as a cheerful person, and always try to challenge myself to continue evolve, as a person and as a programmer.
I'm aiming to do a solid contribution to the games and have fun a long the way, together with my coworkers!


Feel free to contact me!

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