Access To Pharmanet Agreement

Remote access is expressly prohibited by the PharmaNet agreements that practitioners have already signed (ComPAP and MPAP). Registration by PRIME replaces the ComPAP and MPAP agreements with the new access conditions that allow remote access under certain conditions. If you already use PharmaNet on your regular site and don`t need remote access, you don`t need to sign up for PRIME at this point. The Ministry of Health will inform the boarding schedule if confirmed. If you require remote access to PharmaNet, either for a new community practice or for a practice that already has access to PharmaNet, first contact your PharmaNet software provider to ensure that they offer this service. The terms of access signed in PRIME replace the confidentiality obligations that practitioners have previously signed for access to PharmaNet. At the same time, the ministry has issued a new directive on remote access, which allows municipal nurses, doctors and pharmacists to access PharmaNet on a site outside of a PharmaNet Approved site (for example. B from home), which was previously prohibited. Prime access conditions allow remote access under certain conditions. The Remote Access Directive applies only to care provided in private Community practice, and not to hospitals or other establishments of the health authority. Before a person can access PharmNet remotely, their organization must register the site with the procedure described above. The Ministry of Health has introduced PRIME, the new possibility for health practitioners to apply for permission to access PharmaNet.

PRIME is currently used by nurses (PNs), doctors and pharmacists in a community practice, as well as those who access PharmaNet on their behalf, such as NNS, RNS and RNAs (and MOAs). PharmaNet is a secure network that connects community pharmacies and other licensed clinical users in British Columbia. It records all drugs dispensed in community pharmacies and gives healthcare providers controlled access to their customers` spending history. It protects against dangerous drug interactions, prescription fraud and substance abuse. The connection is provided by the software providers. Their software, installed in a single community medical practice, is designated as the site. Practices that use more than one provider for access to PharmaNet have more than one location. Physicians must sign an agreement before accessing the PharmaNet database. This agreement is concluded between the Government and the physician; the college is not involved in this process. An audit of PharmaNet at the time of prescription issuance is considered the best practice for opioid therapy. PharmaNet verification is mandatory in practicable methadone clinics and clinics. Electronic prescribing and dispensing is part of the daily practice of accessing the patient`s current prescribing profile in all clinical settings.

Remote access to PharmaNet (for example. B from home) developed in collaboration with PRIME is available for private health practices. It is not available for the websites of health authorities. Confirm that your PharmaNet software provider offers this service before requesting remote access from the ministry. . . .