Cisco Data Processing Agreement

2.10.MZ will inform the customer as soon as it becomes aware that it will not be able or likely to comply with its obligations regarding the processing of customer data in accordance with this agreement or data protection legislation. Upon notification, the customer has the right to terminate this contract at its discretion by written notice. The customer may request MZ, in addition to or instead of terminating this Agreement, to take one or more of the following measures: for more information, see “Model Clauses”, the standard contractual clauses applicable to the transfer of personal data to a processor outside the European Economic Area, in the form adopted from time to time by the European Commission; (b) if the customer gives consent in accordance with clause 2.6(a), MZ shall ensure that each processor enters into a written agreement with MZ in a manner that is no less burdensome than that of the GDPR; From our perspective, the digital economy can only thrive if people, processes, data and things are connected ethically, reasonably and securely. This includes creating an environment where everyone can do business without problems and knows that their data is protected. We are committed to helping our customers and partners protect and respect personal data, regardless of its origin or destination. (i) with respect to conference and collaboration customers, the name and email address (business email address almost always) of: conference organizers, participants in managed events (where the mZ customer has given the order to collect such data), and cisco incident response users – Implementation of an enterprise-wide data incident response process integrated into our business continuity processes. Map – Perform an enterprise-wide inventory and mapping of personal data. Pay particular attention to the “who”: who gets there? Who builds? Who accesses it? Who corrects? Who deletes or returns? It`s the “what” that determines your strategy. The “who” will make it part of your culture and make data protection part of your responsibility profile. The data protection program provides comprehensive enterprise-wide tools, processes, and training. We use this program to comply with global guidelines and regulations imposed by government authorities.

Our program also helps ensure that we perform our due diligence to back up the data of our customers, partners, and Cisco employees. Find out how we manage and process your personal or personal data. The first step to protecting your data is to know what you have and where it is. We are transparent with our innovative data cards and fact sheets that describe how we process your data. (b) have received training in the laws on the processing of personal data; and our industry-leading data protection program includes: in addition, we have a publicly accessible EU Data Processing Addendum cloud service for cloud offerings, which contains standard contractual clauses to enable the transfer of personal data from the EU to the rest of the world. Robert Waitman, Director of Privacy and Innovation, shares the results of the study on the impact of data protection on your business and brand with the Harvard Business Review. Oversight and Implementation – establish a centralized data protection governance model that controls, monitors and implements compliance with guidelines and standards, including third-party controls, vendor control, monitoring, auditing, and remediation. Cisco processes, uses, and protects personal data in accordance with all applicable data protection laws, including the European Union`s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).