City Of Sacramento Agreements

Sacramento County continues to hold training courses to help local businesses and small businesses navigate the procurement and bidder system. Details can be found in the local lender`s preference. Sacramento County spends more than $150 million annually on goods and services, and much of it is in local businesses like yours. If you have a small business or a local business, it`s worth doing business with us! To learn more about our procurement opportunities program, find out how to make it work by visiting our workshops. 916.876.6360 Hours of work: M – F from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We combined our workshop schedule with the county`s central calendar! See below. Jeffrey Gasaway, Director Craig Rader, Purchasing Agent, CPPO, CPPB The Contract Services Section of Contract and Purchasing Services Division coordinates divisional contracts related to major construction projects such as highways, buildings and other facilities in the county. The purchasing department of the contract and purchasing services department is responsible for the purchase of all materials, supplies, products and services used by The Landkreis and manages both contracts and orders.