Express License Agreement

11.3. Use of the name. Unless otherwise stated below: the licensee is not authorized and ensures that his companies and associates do not identify the name of “UC” (alone or under another name) or logos, seals, badges or other words, names, symbols or devices, which UC or a school, unit, department or subsidiary UC (“UC name”) do not identify or register for any purpose, except with prior written authorization and in accordance with the required limitations. Without limitation of the above, the licensee ensures that its related companies and its sub-licensed companies will cease to use UC names at the end or expiry of this agreement, unless otherwise authorized by UC. This restriction does not apply to information prescribed by law to be passed on to a public body. 3.1.1. Generalities. The licensee makes reasonable economic efforts and encourages its sub-licenses to make economically appropriate efforts: (a) to develop products licensed in accordance with the development plan; b) the introduction of licensed products into the commercial market; and (c) to market licensed products after they are put on the market. In addition, the licensee, alone or through its related companies or its sub-licensed companies, must reach each of the development bricks during the periods indicated in Appendix A. 7.2.

Licensed suit. The licensee has the first right, but not the obligation to take steps to prosecute, prevent or end a violation. Before the taker commences an action in the event of a breach, the licensee must consider in good faith the opinions of the UC and the potential impact on the public interest of its decision whether or not to take an appeal. If the licensee chooses to appeal against an offender, the licensee must keep LA UC properly informed of the progress of the action and give UC, in advance, an appropriate opportunity to consult with the licensee and to present its views on important decisions regarding the dispute. The licensee must carefully consider these views, but he has the right to control the action; however, if the licensee does not defend in good faith the validity and/or applicability of patent rights in the action, or if the licensee`s licence results in a valid claim in the appeal, UC may take control of the act covered in Section 7.3. All expenses, including reasonable legal costs incurred by UC with respect to the prosecution, decision and/or settlement of such an action, including all related claims, are fully paid by the licensee and the licensee maintains UC freely, clearly and without prejudice to and against all these expenses. The costs associated with these actions or actions that the licensee intends to bring, including all UC costs related to the continuation or settlement of these actions, are fully paid by the licensee, and the licensee maintains UC clearly and unscathed from any costs of such litigation, including reasonable legal fees. The licensee cannot compromise or resolve such disputes without the prior written consent of UC, whose consent cannot be unduly withheld or delayed. In the event that the licensee expresses his right to sue under this section 7.2, he must first reimburse himself for the amounts recovered in such an action or their settlement for all costs and expenses of any kind and of any kind, including reasonable legal fees necessarily incurred in the pursuit of such an action.

If funds from this recovery are received after this refund, the UC will receive 10 per cent (10%) and the remaining 90% (90%) these funds are withheld by the licensee. Absolutely. You can continue to use products that you have conceded and paid for… As long as you need it. When a subscription expires, it simply means that there will be no more product updates or new versions. 5.4 – This agreement and the licence granted to it cannot be granted by the licensee to third parties, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the UMB.