Seattle Collective Bargaining Agreement

Your PROTEC17 negotiating team met on the evening of November 20 at the Trade Union Office to count votes on the preliminary agreements we recently reached with the City of Seattle – both on master`s and municipal court contracts – and both were overwhelmingly adopted by members. PROTEC17 and other coalition and non-coalition unions have recently negotiated an agreement to define new conditions and benefits as the city develops its response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Below you will find here the strengths of the master contract and the strengths of the Muni Court contract HERE. PROTEC17 is proud of the results of these successful and successful negotiations! Be sure to give your Kudos trading team all their work and dedication the next time you see it! Shaun Van Eyk (DEEL, SDCI, HSD, OSE, Planning – Development, Police, SDOT) 800-783-001 133 2019-2021 MasterContract2019-2021 Rachael Brooks Municipal Court (City Light), Walker Do (City Light), Ulysses Hillard (SPU), Gina Kim (SPU), Aimee Kimball (City Light), Den Krownbell (City Light), Ross McFarland (SDOT), Jennifer Peirce (Municipal Court), Dorel Radauceanu (Municipal Court) and Darren Wilson (Construction and Inspections The Treaty will now be ratified on December 9 at Seattle City Council and the Mayor for Final Signatures on December 16 December. December. Retrospective reviews for COLA 2019 are expected to take place at the end of February next year. Roger BakerHeidi BaumgardnerTheslie BloomerJoey BullockJessica ColemanWalker DodsonKoffi FadonougboLisa FraseneTamara GarrettStefanie HeglandUlysses HillardTia Jones Liza KrzyminskiTimothy Lowry,Ross McFarlandShawn OlsonCharlie followed by a large number of voters during the electronic voting that followed until November 18. The team is extremely proud that all of its hard work last year, which has achieved economic and non-economic improvements, has been so widely endorsed by Seattle members.