Va Code Entrustment Agreement

1. Within a reasonable period of time, no later than 89 days after obtaining a delegation contract for less than 90 days, the child is not returned to the janitor for whom he was charged within that time; B. A delegation agreement to terminate all parental rights and obligations to the child applies: even if it is not signed by the father of birth of a child born out of wedlock, if the identity of the father of birth is not reasonably established or if such a father of birth has not been registered with the Virginia birth father`s register , in accordance with Article 7 (Art. 7 , 7 , 63.2-1249 ff)), or if the child`s birth father, appointed by birth, and in writing, has not registered the paternity of the child.  A affidavit signed by the birth mother, certifying that the identity of the birth father is unknown, may be filed with the court, which states that the identity of the birth father is not known or reasonably identifiable.  A father by birth is informed of the order when he is a recognized father after . 20-49.1 is a father convicted under Article 7 (Article 7 (Articles 63.2-1249 and following).  If the identity of the alleged father is sufficiently identifiable, it is notified in accordance with the provisions of p. 63.2-1250. G. A father-by-birth may execute a delegation agreement to terminate all parental rights before the child is born.  This mandate is subject to the retraction provisions of p. 63.2 to 1223 . B. After filing an application for approval of a delegation contract within the meaning of paragraph A, paragraph 1 to 241, the Child Representation Tribunal, in accordance with the provisions of page 16.1-266, appoints an ad litem guardian and refers the case for oral proceedings as follows: within 45 days of filing an application under Subdivision A 1 , A 2 or A 3 unless the Tribunal has ordered a publication decision, in which case the hearing will take place within 75 days of filing the petition.