Washington State Nurses Association (Wsna) Collective Bargaining Agreement Contract

demotion. – If an agreement is agreed, a demotion to a different position within the bargaining unit can be considered at each stage of the process. In accordance with the Washington State State Civil Service Law, this agreement is established by and between the Board of Regents of the University of Washington, known as the Employer and the Washington State Nurses Association, known as the “Association” representing certain registered nurses employed at the University of Washington Medical Center, referred to as “employers” or “Medical Center.” 6.5 The use of agency nurses. It is the intention of the University of Washington Medical Center to minimize the employment of nurses. The Medical Centre will continue its efforts to recruit and maintain a large regular base of full-time and/or part-time nurses. The administration of care retains the flexibility of the use of caregivers to meet patient care needs. 7.7 Double posts. In the event that a double displacement is required, this is done by mutual agreement between the nurse and the supervision. WSNA is the designated union for nurses and health professionals in Washington State in various public and health facilities. 16.1 Conference Committee. The conference committee meets at least quarterly.

It consists of the three elected representatives of the nurses, a representative of the clinical unit appointed by the department of nursing and a member of the association and five representatives of the employer, including the board of directors and/or the designer and a member of the employer`s contract negotiation team. The purpose of the conference committee is to encourage resolution of the problem through communication between employers and nurses in the bargaining unit and to address issues related to care practices and the general concerns of the parties. Significant organizational or policy changes in the health care department, which have a direct impact on care practices or working conditions, are an appropriate topic that can be considered by the conference committee. Participation in the conference committee is considered working time and paid at the normal rate of pay. When mandatory training is provided during the nurses` regular working day and the nurse is responsible for participation, attendance is considered part of the nurses` normal mission. 14.4 Military spouse leave. Under national law, an RN whose spouse is on leave during a period of military conflict is granted up to fifteen (15) days of leave. An RN who takes leave in accordance with this section may choose to replace the accumulated leave to which he is entitled. NRAs must notify the UWMC within five (5) business days from receipt of the invitation or active service order, or by notifying that the RN spouse is on secondment leave. Your negotiating team recommends a “yes.” While the terms of the collective agreement continue to determine your employment as a non-member, the union may prevent you from participating in internal union matters such as. B to trade union assemblies or union elections, including votes on contract ratification.